Campground Rates

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  • $47/RV per night for grassy site with firepit and table
  • $52/RV per night for grassy site with power, firepit and table
  • $67/RV per night for VIP site with power, water, firepit and private yard


  • $37/tent (4 to 6 man tent), $42/tent (6-8 man tent), or $47/tent (8 man or larger)
    1 Vehicle per Tent/RV, additional vehicles will be an additional charge

Kayaks - $10/hour with a minimum of 2 hours
Tubes - $5/hour


Crystal Springs Campground Rules and Map
Download and Sign Our Liability Form (required)

We believe that to provide the best possible experience to our valued guests there are a few safety items and rules that must apply:

  • Check In: Arrive between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm
  • Check Out:  By 12:00 Noon (delayed checkout will be charged additional day unless prior approval)
  • Quiet Hours: Between the hours of 10:30 pm – 8:00 am
  • Entrance:  Use the WEST Arch Entrance for check-in.  Proceed and STOP at the “OFFICE” located in the house for registration. ALL campers are required to check in at the office prior to parking or entering the camping area.  Any visitors MUST also check in at the office. You can call the number on the sign for car-side check-in.
  • Liability Release Forms:  Required for all campers & day use rentals. Guests must understand that they are enjoying the resources at Crystal Springs Campground, LLC at their OWN RISK. No lifeguards or supervision is provided for swimming, kayaking, or other activities. Crystal Springs provides access to the Portneuf River for recreation. Shooting guns and/or hunting is not allowed or tolerated. For your safety, only CSC rentals are allowed for use in the river.
  • Speed Limit: 3 MPH from entry past the house. 5 MPH speed is enforced throughout campground. Peddle bikes are allowed on the road in the campground. Please watch for pedestrians. Motorized vehicle use is limited to entering and exiting the campground.
  • No Trash Removal:  Please plan to haul your own trash out. There is no trash removal provided. Keep in mind wild cats and animals may get into food and/or trash if left out. Thank for you leaving your camping area clean and debris free.
  • Pets: All pets are to be kept on leashes near your shelter. Pets on a leash MUST be accompanied by an adult attendant anywhere outside of your reserved area. All pet waste mush be picked up and taken with you as trash. Pets are not allowed in or near the “Swimming Hole.”
  • Supervision: Children must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Camp guests are to stay in your own designated camp area unless using rental equipment or walk trails. Please do not cut through other camp areas. Use the designated road ways and trails.
  • Substances: No illegal drugs are allowed at ANY TIME on this property. Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed ONLY in your own reserved campsite and nowhere else on the property. Smoking cigarettes or anything similar is not permitted anywhere other than IN your own reserved campsite.
  • Tables & Mats: Picnic tables should be lifted when moving to alleviate damage to the grass. We do not allow mats due to sun damage to the grass.
  • Fires: Fire is permitted ONLY in designated fire pits. Seasonal fire restrictions may apply. Absolutely no fireworks or floating fire lanterns are permitted on the property.
  • Dress Code: We maintain a “family friendly” private property campground. To respect others, NO thong, tiny suits or speedos allowed without covering in the campground or at the swimming hole.
  • Cancellation Policy: One week notice required for refund (less a cancellation fee) on individual sites and one month notice for large groups.
  • Private Property: Please be mindful that there is private property bordering this campground. Maps and signs are specific about the boundary and areas of use. No trespassing on the private property.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you experience issues with other campers. Any disturbances will be reported directly to the state police or the county sheriff. Disruptive campers or those choosing to disregard the rules will be asked to leave day or night with no refund.

We hope you enjoy your stay!
Crystal Springs Campground Management
(208) 244-4076

Crystal Springs Campground Map